Welcome to Bubbles and Fleas.com the
online home of Professor Bubblemaker's
Eclectic Entertainments and Preposterous
Pastimes. I am Professor Phineus T.
Bubblemaker purveyor of preposterous and
provoking entertainment ventures. Why,
contained within these very pages, you will
discover my fun and ed-u-cational diversions
into the almost forgotten worlds of soap
bubbles, medicine shows, flea circuses and
other entertainments of days gone by.
      Yes for decades these forms of
entertainment were the state of the art,
cream of the crop, "Hurry Annie run tell your
uncle" don't miss it events of the year! Now,
merely because of a few
paltry advances in radio and television
communications, they are all but forgotten.
Well I, professor Phineus T. Bubblemaker
am here to bring back the memory of days
gone by and teach your children a bit about
history and the amazing impact that history
has had on our world today. My own
personal history can be traced back through
" The Great Kampo " originator of
" Bernie's Circus Calliope
(pronounced Kal-ee-ope) and quite possibly
the first and only person to have played two
calliopes in a duet with himself. So read
these pages, peruse these photographs and
come see my Beautiful Bubble Ballet,
Marvelous Medicine Show, and Fantastic
Flea Circus soon!
Just click a button or photograph to
navigate through this emporium of eclectic

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                          The Store is now open!
Peruse the offering in my store which are also available at my shows. My bubble toys and soaps are being packaged in heavy duty resealable bags that let moms and dads carry the toys after use without getting soap all over other items being carried. I am currently working with a custom bag company so that by mid summer, I should have custom Professor Bubblemaker storage bags for packaging these items.

                                3 new shows!
In other news, I will be returning to quite a few fairs that I performed for last year and more are being added to the schedule every day. I will be bringing 3 new shows to audiences this year.

After two and a half years and many inter-tour developments, THE BEAUTIFUL BUBBLE BALLET is getting a complete makeover and will feature new music, new tricks and sculptures, new lighting and effects and VIDEO. I still take a little time in between songs to answer questions, inspire the audience to work toward their dreams and show how to do a few bubble tricks at home. I am excited to bring this new version of the show that really started my choreographed bubble art.

Even though the ROCK & ROLL BUBBLE SHOW just debuted last summer, I have reworked it with new music and new lighting, effects and video.The New ROCK & ROLL BUBBLE SHOW is choreographed to hard driving, family friendly rock (a lot of classic rock and reggae tunes) with only two breaks in the bubble action, one at the beginning and then one right before the finale. As I like to say, "The ROCK & ROLL BUBBLE SHOW is like rock & roll radio... less talk- more BUBBLES!" This high energy show compliments the slower pace and more personal atmosphere of the BUBBLE BALLET perfectly.

The BEAUTIFUL BUBBLE BALLET and THE ROCK & ROLL BUBBLE SHOW will alternate performance times on this year's tour so that one night you can see a daylight version of THE BUBBLE BALLET and an after dark, full lights and video version of THE ROCK AND ROLL BUBBLE SHOW, then the next night they will switch times so that you can see the full lights and video version of the other.

A new addition to the lineup was inspired by the veteran's salute days that many of the fairs that I perform for have. It is the title show of this year's tour... BUBBLES ACROSS AMERICA. This show is a salute to the troops and veterans in my own bubbly sort of way. It begins with a tongue in cheek announcement of Professor Bubblemaker for President, then has my bubble art choreographed to patriotic and americana style music. Then I have a heartfelt salute and recognition of veterans and troops in a medley of the songs of the 5 branches of service and an honor of those who have passed, then we crank up the happy again and finish with a couple more patriotic songs and the big finale which will include my signature giant bubbles and a surprise inside a giant bubble. As of right now my plan is to perform this show once during the run of each fair on the afternoon or evening of the fair's veteran's day.

           Professor Bubblemaker adds a schedule page!

In an effort to make it easier for you to find out when and where I will be performing this year, I am adding a schedule page to this site. Please note that I am often away from the home office and so some appearances may only be listed on my Facebook page (Professor Bubblemaker's Eclectic Entertainments) but I will try to keep the schedule on here as up to date as possible. find the link above, or find it HERE
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